World Glass - Bogba + Mbabe breaks France 4-2 Croatia successes 

At 23:00 on July fifteenth (Beijing time at 18:00 nearby time), the 21st World Glass finals began at the Luzhniki Arena in Moscow. France beat Croatia 4-2 and won the World Container for the second time. In the main half, Gretzman took the free kick and Manjukic achieved the principal oolong ever of World Container. Perry Hitch balanced the score, yet he was later condemned to handball in the punishment region, Gleizman hit a blade. In the second half, Bogba and Mbapp prevailing in a long shot. French commander Lorris gave a blessing, Man Zhukiqi pursued 2 to 4 

This is the 900th game ever of World Glass. France is the 6th group to score at any rate multiple times On the planet Glass finals. Deschamps would like to turn into the third individual to win the World Container as a player and mentor after Zagaro and Beckenbauer. The World Glass won 8 wins. He pursued the beginning lineup of the semi-last, and the harmed Matuyidi who had crashed into Azar had recuperated. The current year's Reality Container 465 minutes, 13 feet, and nobody shot, Ji Lu kept on beginning. 

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Mbape turned into the third U20 player (19 years and 207 days) to take an interest On the planet Container finals after Bailey (1958, 249 days at 17 years of age) and Bergomi (1982, 18 years and 201 days). France stayed unbeaten in the 18 diversions that both Kanter and Bogba began in the meantime (14 wins, 4 draws). Varan turned into the fifth French player to take an interest in the Victors Class and World Glass finals around the same time after Henry, Zidane, Deschamps and Karembu (the opposite side, Modric and Lovren additionally begun for the current year in the Heroes Association last). 

Croatia is the thirteenth group to achieve the World Container finals and the tenth European group. It is likewise the primary group in the historical backdrop of the World Container to play in the three sequential amusements, the main group to be single-game three-game knockout score behind yet unbeaten, the principal qualifier stage kicked the play-offs yet can achieve the finals. The group, the most reduced positioned last group in the December 1992 FIFA positioning framework (twentieth), the second littlest in the household populace (just more than Uruguay) last group. The two groups that previously entered the finals won the title (France in 1998; Spain in 2010). Dalic's starter has not changed. Perisic, who missed preparing on Friday, recouped in time and kept a situation against Brozovic, who performed well in Britain.

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In the second half, Pawar's backcourt long pass, Giroud back to the right side of the restricted area, Gretzman left foot shot 23 meters in front of the door was confiscated by Subaqi. Rakitic left the rib to break through the defensive direct pass, and Rebich left the left side of the penalty area 11 meters away from the left foot oblique shot by Loristo. Modric's right corner kicked out, and Frsalico missed the shot 25 meters in front of the goal.

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After recovering a goal in 4 minutes in Croatia, Umtiti returned the goalkeeper. Captain Loris did not directly open the foot. In the tape, Man Zhukic reached into the door, 2 to 4. Manju became the first player in the history of the World Cup finals to score goals and is an Oolong player. He is also the second player in the history of the World Cup with a single goal and an Oolong player, following Puskas, Zibor, Gade Muller and Zidda. After that, the 5th player who scored in the World Cup finals and the Champions League final. There are 6 goals in this final, second only to the 1958 final that scored 7 goals. A total of 169 goals were scored in this World Cup, second only to the 1998 and 2014 World Cups that scored 171 goals.
Kramali replaced Rebich; Tolliso replaced Matuiydi and the Bayern players in the World Cup finals increased to 32. Modric's right ribs slanted, Varanne headed the ball, Kramaliqi back to do, Rakitic low shot on the edge of the restricted area, Enzongzi missed the far post, but the referee Pitana gave the goal . Fajire replaced Giroux; Piazat replaced Strinic. Gleizman steals from the right, and Fikil's left foot volley 22 meters in front of the door was obtained by Subaqi. Kramariqi returned from the left and Rakitic volleyed the crossbar 25 meters in front of the door.

France finally won 4-2, becoming the first team in the history of the World Cup (Jiru) without a shot but winning the championship. The 1986 World Cup knockout expanded to 16 teams and the 3rd 4 knockouts were within 90 minutes. The winning team (the previous two were Argentina in 1986 and Brazil in 2002). Varané became the 11th player to win the World Cup and Champions League in the same year. Croatian goalkeeper Subashic became the 4th Monaco goalkeeper in the last four finals (Batters 2006; Stecklenberg 2010; Romero 2014)

According to the Marca report, after Real Madrid's 3-0 victory over Rome, Modric said in an interview that he felt his recent state is picking up.
"I am happy with the overall performance of our team and are also happy for the victory." Modric said, "We have given great performance and created many opportunities. We might have scored more goals."
"After the World Cup, I feel tired physically and mentally, but now I feel that my state is picking up every day. I hope to maintain this state tonight."
Speaking of midfielder Cross and Kasemiro, Modric said: "Working with them makes people feel comfortable. We have been working together for more than three years, even if we close our eyes and recognize each other. Of course, cooperation with others Very happy."
"I am very happy to get the votes of the fans and teammates in the Golden Globe competition, but I don't care much about the Golden Globe Award. The most important thing is the team. If I win the Golden Globe Award, it is very good, I will be very Happy, but if you don’t win, you will continue.