The above answer is actually in place, and all that is said is said, but I am coming to pour cold water. First of all, what do you want to see with a telescope? (If you look at the opposite MM, please ignore the following.

Look at the moon, see Saturn's aura, and see Jupiter's big red spot: 80DX fully meets the requirements, but the lower body is a little bit sway, change a good camera tripod and a qualified AIM latitude and longitude platform It will be much better, 1K5 can be done, suitable for balcony help and roof top. A large area of ​​the sky, watching the constellation: Please choose a qualified double cylinder, because they account for too much area, the vision of the astronomical mirror is not enough. Please ignore the big red film and fake military mirror on the roadside booth. If you have no money, please see the domestic Boguan, Yuzhong, Xiguang... Please go left and go to the west with money: Swarovski, Zeiss, Lycra welcomes you! The 8X42 telescope can meet your 90% demand, and the performance and portability are balanced. Look at the Nebula Galaxy: Please open the NASA official website, look at Hubble's, or microblogging to find the photos of Zhan, the fish bones, the nebula with the naked eye, and even the best telescope is a mist, just to see the difference between light and dark. ! Buy a mirror, you think you can see the following

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All the magnificent nebula pictures you see are invisible to the eye, because your eyes don't accumulate exposure, and those photos are superimposed after hours or even tens of hours of cumulative exposure. Watch the meteor shower, see the Milky Way: Please bring your eyes! Only the eyes are wide enough to capture the flashing meteor trail (I don’t want to mention the meteor showers in the news. In the eyes of astronomy enthusiasts, only the annual quadrant in January, the British immortal in August The three meteor showers in December and Gemini in December are worth seeing every year. Leo and Dragon are like a few decades, and professional announcements are good. Others are not worth mentioning!). The Milky Way can only be seen by the stars, so that you can be shocked by the stars. Ok, here, everyone’s enthusiasm is almost hit, let’s talk about something. If you really love the stars and want to buy a good astronomical telescope, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have time? To see the stars, you must meet the following conditions: the weather is good (sunny, cloudy and tragedy), no moonlight interference (the days before the end of the lunar month), holidays (the night before the night to see the stars, the next day will go to work will crash ......), calculate it, how many days can you meet these conditions in a year?

2. Do you have a venue? Look at the city of Galaxy, don't expect it. There is hope in places far away from the urban area. There are also requirements for safety, no shelter around, convenient transportation, and no major light damage. We are in Shenzhen, and now we want to have a good look at the stars and have to run 200 kilometers away.

3. Do you have a car? Every time you move, you have to move at least two squats. If you don't have a car, you can only watch or pat the stars, and don't think about the deep-sky horse. There are no public transportation systems in the surrounding areas where there is no light and danger, and there is no public transportation system. They can only drive or drive their own cars, and the car becomes a necessity.
Having said that, if you are satisfied, then we can talk about buying a telescope. The advantages and disadvantages of reflection, refraction, and reversion of the horse can refer to the above answer...

4. More advanced, there is no end to burning, only to know that the burning of the SLR horses can not be compared, burning to the end is burning the environment to burn people, in order to chase a few continents, all the continents of the horse are fast After all the time, I just heard that the African eclipse group in early November saw the return of the clouds, and I was glad that my Australian character broke out last year...

My subject is a regular astronomer. He has shown me that I have seen the real application of the Xuelong. This year, I installed the Xuelong to go to the Antarctic. The appearance of an astronomical telescope is not so eye-catching. This is my first. Looking at the stars through astronomical telescopes also made me very disappointing. I used to think that the pictures I saw were as colorful as the various textbook pictures. They looked fascinating and imaginary. In fact, they were observing a naked eye. The stars are seen through the telescope and are more clear than the naked eye. Something is different. I have seen this telescope. Observing the sun, the image that the computer saw is also black and white. It is not too different to see the sunspots. I asked my object. He said that the naked eye sees the textbooks and the pictures on the Internet. The pictures are processed. The naked eye sees the most primitive ones. At the end of this year and early next year, he will accompany him twice. When I arrived at the observation time of the two telescopes, I was looking forward to seeing if I could follow Usually see some invisible things together

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The suggestion for the purchase of telescopes in the book "Night View Stars" is already very clear. The conclusion here is that the 6-inch Dobson style is a good entry option, of course, for the United States. I have never seen the domestic 6-inch road to the entrance, and did not have to sell and add a little, you must first look at your passion for astronomy, look at the following two articles, then you decide whether to buy a mirror is not a Really reliable decision: for the newcomer science to compare the visual effects of the nebula and the planet under the small caliber - Novice Guidance - Mufu Astronomy Forum (China's earliest astronomy forum, dedicated to astronomy and telescope science communication platform) - Powered by Discuz Novices must enter the pit: astronomical telescope visual and photographic effects comparison (Second Edition) - Novice Guidance - Pastor Astronomy Forum (China's earliest astronomy forum, dedicated to astronomy and telescope science communication platform) - Powered by Discuz! At the time, the magnificence in the eyepieces is often based on the feeling that you are excited when you are close to the real universe, not the colorful photos of the legend.