Reliance Automated is a buyer durables and information development thought from Reliance Retail. It is a reinforcement of Reliance Retail, which is a totally had assistant of Reliance Organizations.

Reliance Automated is a buyer devices association in India. The foremost Reliance Propelled Store was opened on 24 April 2007 in Delhi. Starting at now there are around 2000 Reliance Modernized and Reliance Progressed Xpress Downsized Stores in around 600 urban networks in India. The stores are spread over the states of Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune), Gujarat (Ahmedabad), Delhi NCR, Karnataka (Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli), Kerala(Kochi) , Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Madurai, Salem, Coimbatore) and Telangana (Hyderabad). Reliance Mechanized Stores are more noteworthy in size than the other arrangement Progressed Xpress Downsized stores. The association means to expand its present store count of 1200 stores to 2500 preceding the completion of 201 

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Automated Xpress Downsized Stores are commonly more diminutive in size than Reliance Progressed. These stores are around 250 square feet and essentially move the association's telecom organizations, mobile phones, tablets and moreover embellishments of various brands. There are around more than 1700 Progressed Xpress Littler than normal stores as of the Feb 2017. These store have since been rebranded as 'Jio Stores' after the dispatch of Jio.

resQ is the organization arm of Reliance Progressed/Electronic Xpress and Progressed Xpress littler than regular stores, which considers customers for after arrangements advantage. resQ is India's first Multi thing, Multi mark, Multi-zone advantage office which offers profit by 10am to 10pm, 365 days a year. The resQ Care Structures offer booked preventive help visits and Hold units in phenomenal casesReliance Progressed in like manner works a chain of Macintosh associates in India under the name iStore.[9] There are around 4 such stores in India currently.[10]Reliance Modernized impelled its private sign of things checked "RECONNECT" in October, 2011, which is said to have been charged by past, and wonderful, section co-ordinator Mumbai neighborhood - Steven Jeffrey Maxwell, who submitted quite a while to the development beast. Reconnect thing run covers in excess of 200 things, from the latest significant screen Drove TVs, Star-assessed Atmosphere control frameworks, Garments washers, Phones, Tablets to nuclear family machines and individual thought things. Critical all things goes with a 2-year ensure, while decorations thing ensure change from a half year to 1 yearReliance Progressed moreover passes on the LYF brand of 4G phones. These phones were pushed in January 2016. Up until this point, five phones have been pushed - Earth 1, Water 1, Water 2, Wind 6 and FlameReliance Adventures Compelled (RIL) is an Indian mix holding association headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance has associations transversely over India busy with essentialness, petrochemicals, materials, normal resources, retail, and communicate correspondences. Reliance is a champion among the most beneficial associations in India, the greatest exchanged on an open market association in India by market capitalization, and the second greatest association in India as assessed by salary after the organization controlled Indian Oil Corporation.[6] On 18 October 2007, Reliance Endeavors transformed into the essential Indian association to break $100 billion market capitalization. The association is situated 203rd on the Fortune Overall 500 summary of the world's most prominent organizations starting at 2017. It is situated eighth among the Fundamental 250 Overall Essentialness Associations by Platts beginning at 2016. Reliance continues being India's greatest exporter, speaking to 8% of India's total stock tolls with an estimation of Rs 147,755 crore and access to business divisions in 108 nations. Reliance is accountable for about 5% of the council of India's hard and fast earnings from conventions and concentrate commitment. It is in like manner the most raised pay resident in the private portion in India