Champcash G. At the present time you are on Foundation's undertaking Wikipedia. Hindi Wikipedia is a free reference book, made by supporters from around the world who trust in sharing and dissipating learning. At present, there are 4,33,809 enrolled people in this endeavor. We are upbeat you likewise are one of them. Answers to various request related to Wikipedia you will find in as regularly as conceivable made request. We believe that by joining this endeavor ordinarily you will in all likelihood secure learning in Hindi language. Thankful to you.

The essence of Wikipedia's beginning and end system rules is in its five sections. Beside this, the concentrations for keeping up some essential focus are according to the accompanying:

Make an effort not to make your article about. You can give some compelled information about yourself to your part page. You can in like manner put your own special picture on your part page.

Make an effort not to associate abstract substance or associations with your site on any page. make an effort not to do any sort of examination on articles. You should test any kind of test on your test. you are permitted to take a gander at there.

In case you exchange a picture/report, by then its license decision must be given. Without a free license, that picture is ousted from Wikipedia. Do whatever it takes not to cast a ballot for the photographs available Online here, with the exception of in the event that it is sure to remain free or have made approval from its owner. If you need any picture, by then find it in the Wikimedia Lobby and use it in a comparative name without exchanging a comparative name in any Hindi Wikipedia article. There are more than 10 million media open in the Wikimedia Center. Beside this, you can exchange any photos from Hindi Wikipedia to Wikipedia. In the meantime, pick the grant decision just on the English Wikipedia.

Keep your language fulfilling while in the meantime conferring or chatting with a section. In this lighting up embraced, dynamic people are putting aside their productive time for which all perusers are obliged to all the inventive benefactors of this endeavor. The usage of appalling language against such people is punishable.

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Make a point to sign your imprint ensuing to creating messages on the Choupal or articles or people's talk pages. For this, around the completion of your message, make ~~~~ or press the Upgrade signature.png get available in adjusting gadgets. There are a couple of various approaches to add to Wikipedia. You can start making articles on any subject. In case the article has quite recently been made regarding that matter, by then you can add some more information to it. You can improve the language of pre-articles. You can make its presentation even more clear and relevant to the Data Base. You can incorporate tones, references, classes, pictures, etc into it. Following are some basic associations related to duties: